For Your Perfect Fit, Gemini Bridal Tailor & Tuxedo Professional Can Help!

To ensure your suit or tuxedo is the perfect fit, please have your measurements done step by step follow below the instruction. We will help to ready the size for your event after you submitted your measurement.

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Step1 -Chest

Measure around the chest, ensure you have space and feel comfortable.

Step 2 - Waist

measure around the waist from an inch under the belly button.

Step 3-1 Sleeve

Sleeve length should measure form the center of the collar

Step 3-2 - Sleeve Length

from the center of the collar , and follow the outside the contour of the back and arm to the crease in the waist.

Step 5 - Insleeve

Measure from under the armpit following the jacket insleeve to the wrist bone.

Step 6 - Neck

measure around the neck and add 1/2" to the measurement.

Step 7 - Inseam

Step 8 - Outseam

Measure from the top of the pant waistband down to the bottom you wanted.

Step 9 - Seat