PSA - January 29, 2023 - Customer Resolution

We have fully investigated and handled the case. Our customer reached out to us through appropriate communication channels roughly a week after her purchase. Our staff received communication from this customer through social media on January 28, 2023 and directed them to our official communication channel.  Emails to our team from this customer was received on the evening of January 28, 2023. These emails had relevant information required to launch an investigation. There was a joint resolution made between the customer and Gemini the following day on January 29, 2023. From the resolutions offered – which included a full refund - the customer ultimately chose to keep her dress. More details below.

Our customer compared the price of an item found on the “Designer Outlet” section online (picture provided by customer below from our investigation) to the item she purchased. These two items did in fact share the same model number and size. Our online “Designer Outlet” section is set up to be a clearance-type outlet. The reason behind this is that the particular gowns in the section are all either samples, demos, or displays from the various events we attend through the year. After these events, these gowns may present with small cosmetic blemishes or imperfections, and are out of warranty. Gemini assumes the full cost of these gowns, and they are sent off to our warehouse where they are processed, cleaned and prepared to be drop-shipped. Our website also outlines the details regarding this outlet. Our inventory in store is sent to us directly from our designers. As part of our contract with them, we are regulated to sell these new gowns at MSRP. We do not upcharge on our dresses in any capacity. Our prices on our website and in store remain accurate.

Unfortunately, our store associate was unable to clearly communicate this information to our customer. This resulted in the customer contacting us one week later with concerns about the price discrepancy. We provided clarity on the situation, and offered a positive resolution to our customer. We discovered at this time that there were many comments and reviews from unrelated individuals across our platforms. These were posted throughout the week leading up to our contact with the customer. These individuals took it upon themselves to write malicious comments on previous customer posts. These individuals have been blocked and their posts reported to protect our customers.

In regards to this case, we have received many questions about our premium service and the fee we charge. The customer from the case did not have to pay for the premium service as she opted for our standard service which is completely free. Our premium service offered is $29 and provides our customers a more individualized experience in the store. Please note the latest designer pieces can only be tried on through this service.

Gemini is committed in providing the best customer experience across the industry. While this case has caused a disruption across our platforms, we do continue to support our customer needs and appreciate any critical feedback they may have.