The Gemini Bridal Prom Tuxedo Centre

Gemini Bridal has been established since 1991 and has been known for its quality, and stylish dresses in the retail fashion industry for over 25 years. Additionally, Gemini is also a reputable authorized retailer that carries authentic designer dresses, suits, tuxedos, & bridal wear that strives to give people the best quality there is.

Something that makes Gemini special is that we have the biggest store in Canada with nearly every prom dress in every size and color from every prominent designer. The majority of our floor space is dedicated to prom dresses. However, Gemini also provides services such as tailoring for any alterations or special changes you may want to make on the dress. These services are to ensure that your event is as amazing as you imagine it to be. Some other special things Gemini does is that is that we strive to never sell the same dress, in the same color to the same event.

Gemini also carries a variety men’s formal and business attire such as suits & tuxedos. These come in a variety of designs and colors whether you want to shop for yourself or to match your partner.