Please note all appointments will be at the following location:

13061 156 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta

Prom, Evening, Graduation Appointments

It's always best to book an appointment before hand that it gives us time to prepare; and you will have less for waiting time. We are able to accommodate Walk-Ins but it's on a first-come, first-service basis. 

Book your appointment now with Gemini online, if you are unable to find a time that suits your schedule, feel free to call us at 780.760.1212 and we'll do our best to accommodate you. 


Bridal & Bridesmaid Party Appointments

  • Customers walk-in, browse are accepted
  • An Administration & Service surcharge ($29) is applied on all bridal / Bridesmaids sections, this charge includes 10-20% off purchases specific to the section.

To Book a Bridal Party Appointment click here.


  • Appointments should be booked under the individual who plans on trying the dress
  • Each individual can only book one appointment per day
  • For any immediate or same day appointments just walk-in " WALK-INS ARE ACCEPTED


How the Appointment Works

When you arrive at the designated time you will be asked to sign in. At that point we will know that you have arrived. You will be given as much time as you need to browse and search the collection of dresses. 

After finding the dresses you want to try on (maximum 5 per appointment) you will need to let the consultants know you are ready to try on the dresses.


To help keep everyone safe before coming to Gemini please ensure you are:

  •  Wearing a facemask

** When shopping in Gemini you will be asked to remove your outdoor shoes. Indoor slippers will be provided, however if you would like to bring your own indoor slippers you are more than welcome to **

For more updated information please contact Gemini.



Can I try on more than the set amount of dresses?

After the first appointment, if you want to try on more dresses, please talk to the consultant who helped you to make an arrangement.

Each client MUST maintain a minimum 2 ~ 3 hour time frame between the end of their previous appointment and the beginning of their next appointment; booked by the same service consultant. Back to back appointments can be booked by a single party, but will be treated as separate appointments for different clients.

Can I Book Multiple Appointments?

Any same day multiple bookings will be automatically cancelled by our booking system.

Why Only 5 Dresses?

Each appointment is designed to let people try up to a maximum of 5 dresses. If  appointment went over 5 dresses, each appointment will be pushed back causing wait times to accumulate for each preceding appointment.