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      Gemini Bridal Suit and Tuxedo Rental services for your special occasion such as wedding, graduation, black tie event or Job interview.  online or in store booking service are available and rentals they can be booked in 6 Months advance. If you wish to book earlier you will be required to go to one of Gemini's locations.

      All online rentals will allow you to rent our standard suits or tuxedos at the stated price for five (5) days, the pick-up date & the return date are the first day and the fifth day respectively.

      After choosing to rent our standard suit or tuxedo we do encourage customers to book an appointment to come into a Gemini location to be measured. By getting measured at one of our locations we can help confirm if you had rented the correct size. If you had rented the wrong size we can help you change to the correct size at no cost. This does have to be done two weeks before your wear date.  

      Services that are only available at our store locations for rentals: Suit & Tuxedo selection upgrade, Suit & Tuxedo tailoring, Suit & Tuxedo sizing switch, Rental duration increase, Measurements  

      17 products

      17 products