Share Your Moment 2024

Share Your Moment & Celebrate Your Success & Win Prizes!

All customers who purchase a prom dress at Gemini between August 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 will be eligible to participate in the contest. Everyone will have the chance to win a dress from Gemini! In order to participate the following must be done. 



  • Follow Gemini Bridal on Instagram
  • Tag @GeminiBridal in a post or story of you in your dress, or;
  • Take a photo(s) or video of your special moment (usually graduation) in your dress and send it to “Share Your Moment 2024” should be the subject of the email. In the email please include your full name, phone number, and Instagram handle.
  • We will also double your entries if you send Gemini a photo of when you successfully purchased your dress at Gemini! (Hint: If you want to keep that dress a secret, have it hidden in one of Gemini's Garment Dress Bag)


Win a Dress*

Will be by random draw, number of entries is determined by the amount of likes of the posted picture (of your special day) on Gemini’s Instagram. 1 Like = 1 Entry. No more entries will be taken after July 15, 2022. The draw will occur a few days later so we can confirm the total amount of entries per individual. The valuation of the dress won from Gemini by random draw will have a valuation up to $800 (Grand Prize).

Win a Dress*

Will be based on the posted photos on Gemini’s Instagram. The public will vote for the best two photos and the winners of the photos will win a dress from Gemini with a valuation up to $200. No more entries will be taken after July 15, 2022. 



Further Information and rules:

The photos that are sent to Gemini must not have been altered to a major extent (example: photo has been cropped removing the head or cropped such that the dimensions of the photo is no longer standard).

If you wish to have Gemini credit specific individuals such as your photographer for your picture please include the Instagram handle of the photographer when sending your picture in the email.

The pictures should be presentable any photos or videos that are deemed unpresentable will not be posted or reposted, hence the photo is ineligible for any prizes or subsequent prizes.

The winners of the contest will be contacted through phone/email or whichever contact details that was given to Gemini

Gemini employees are ineligible to participate in the contest

*Win a dress. The person who wins a dress from Gemini, can choose any dress sold by Gemini they wish to take home. Gemini will cover up to the valuation stated in the contest of the newly won dress while the difference will be covered by the customer. This prize will not be able to cover any previously made purchases at Gemini


Drawing the Winners

The draw will occur on July 16, 2024. While the voting for the best photos will begin after July 16, 2024.



Please give Gemini three (3) days to post or repost your photo/video. If you notice your photo/video has not been posted please contact us through our email or Instagram account @Geminibridal as we may have missed your entry.